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Do you feel you are at a crossroads in your life?
If so, how about getting yourself an A4 piece of paper and a pencil and draw the crossroads (or more than 4 if thats what you think you are faced with!) THEN KEEPING YOUR PENCIL ON THE PAPER TRAVEL DOWN EACH OF THE ROADS AND VISIT THE PLACES THAT EACH OF THEM LEAD TO - draw or write in each place what you find there and how you feel when you imagine yourself there. Take your time. You may
find it helps to give each place a score value based on your feelings.

I hope you find this helps in giving you a clearer idea of what direction you want to go in.

Ref. 'Draw on your Emotions' by Margot Sunderland Pub. Winslow Press



Some ideas to help with Anger Management instead of kicking the cat, hurting someone else, or yourself!

Go to a place outside where you can stamp or shout without disturbing anyone.
Shout down the loo then flush it away.
Graffiti your feelings on paper, then tear it up and dispose of it safely in a bin or bonfire.
Punch or hit cushions bulky enough so that you don't hurt yourself.
Crunch carrots!

D.I.Y. #01

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